To our Mule Town Trading Co customers,


I hope this finds you well during this unusual time.  


  We are experiencing an unprecedent time not only in our country but in the shed industry. The lumber needed to build our product has been harder to obtain and significantly more expensive as a result.  Due to the increase in material costs and the high demand for lumber, Backyard Outfitters has been forced to implement its first ever building materials surcharge to cover these ongoing manufacturing cost.  The surcharge of 10% is effective April 1st and is subject to change as the situation demands.  Based on the current trends we are seeing it is likely that we will have to increase this surcharge again in the next month or two.   The surcharge will be applied to the base prices of all building types and includes “Lot New”, “Shop Built” and “Build On Site” order types but will NOT affect add-on packages and options at this time. 

  We do hope that the increases are only temporary and  we will keep everyone up to date as the situation develops. The price increase does not go into effect until September 1! So order in August to avoid the surcharge.

We appreciate your business and support!!


Mule Town Trading Co.

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Backyard Outfitters Enterprises, LLC. and its associates are not responsible for permits, covenant searches, restrictions, set backs yard damage, or underground damage. Please
contact your local Building Inspector or Homeowners Association for information. It is the customers' responsibility to decide if ground conditions are unsuitable for delivery.
Free Delivery covers one trip up to 30 miles one way, over 30 miles subject to a $2/mile (8ft and 10ft wide) or $3.50 /mile (12ft wide) charge one way, and any additional trips
may also incur charges to the customer. Free Setup includes leveling, starting with one corner at ground level, up to 2' with customer supplied blocks. Any balance dues are
due on delivery. Customer has read and gives approval for the installation of the above. $200 cancellation fee on all custom orders.

All prices for custom represent base models and do not reflect any addons shows

All Prices on site are unique to their selected payment option chosen to price valid until option is chosen all prices subject to verification by phone call

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